TRUBIOTICS – Digestive Immune Health – Dosage, Side Effects.


[UPDATE: limited time TRUBIOTICS flash sale here]. A healthy digestive system is a delicate balance of sorts which needs a variety of microflora working together to help digest food, as well as crowd out and kill pathogenic bacteria. TruBiotics is a helpful probiotic supplement manufactured by the Bayer Group. This is a one-a-day pill which promises to help resolve common problems such as bloating, indigestion, yeast overgrowth and low gastric secretion.


TruBiotics contains two of the most studied and effective friendly bacterial strains: bifidobacterium animalis and lactobacillus acidophilus. These two have been shown to positively impact the gut environment as well as stimulate the immune system to attack foreign and harmful bacteria. There’s a misconception which exists about bacteria; not all bacteria is bad for you, and your body needs these little critters to clean up debris in and outside the body as well as maintain homeostasis at all times.
TruBiotics is for adults who looking to improve their digestion and immune systems. It contains 1.5 billion bacterial units in each capsule which, when ingested go to work to form active colonies on the walls of your gut, effectively crowding out pathogenic bacteria and viruses.


As always, you should talk to your doctor before considering taking TruBiotics, especially if you’re taking other medications. Take this probiotic with food at the same time every day, preferably before afternoon hours since it may be too stimulating if taken after. Children can take TruBiotics as long as they’re over the age of 3; simply give it to them with their food.

TRUBIOTICS Contraindications

Do not take TruBiotics if you’re lactose-intolerant since it contains milk products, and it also has a bit of yeast which may make those suffering from conditions such as candida have a flare-up. This probiotic doesn’t require refrigeration due to its patented TruPreserve ™ bottle. It is manufactured in Denmark under high quality standards, and it should not be taken with people with compromised immune systems such as those with HIV, people undergoing chemotherapy or individuals suffering from recurrent urinary infections.