NODOZ – Alertness Aid – dosage, side effects, and warnings


What is NODOZ?

NoDoz is an alertness aid made by Novartis. This is a stimulant that interferes with the body’s need to sleep, helping keep you awake for long periods of time in a safe manner.

How Does NODOZ Work?

Put simply, this is a caffeine caplet that works by stimulating the release of compounds and neurotransmitters that control the sleep-wake cycle. It is a concentrated form of caffeine since once capsule contains 200mg of caffeine which is about double the amount you would get from two cups of strong coffee.

NoDoz has been in circulation for over 50 years, and helps restore wakefulness or mental alertness, especially for people who are experiencing drowsiness or fatigue. After ingesting a capsule, the drug is broken down by your body, then goes into the brain after being metabolized by the liver, antagonizing adenosine receptors, blocking this area of the brain neuron that’s responsible for feelings of drowsiness and sleepiness.

In addition, NoDoz targets the inositol triphosphate receptor, blocking it from taking up neurotransmitters such as GABA which is known to enhance relaxation. NoDoz is a vasodilator, meaning that it may increase blood flow through and to major organs. It is also a diuretic, causing increased urination

NODOZ Side Effects

Do not take NoDoz before speaking to your doctor or if you’re taking other medication. In particular, stay away from this stimulant if you’re pregnant, have liver disease, insomnia, anxiety or heart disease. Other formulations may include vitamin B1 and niacinamide, both of which may cause skin flushing, agitation and headaches.

Other side effects you should watch out for include:

1. Agitation
2. Blood in urine or the stools
3. Dizziness
4. Confusion
5. Chills
6. Fast heartbeat
7. Fainting
8. Chills
9. Coma
10. Depression
11. Fever
12. Bruising
13. Stomach pain
14. Decreased urine output
15. Lightheadedness
16. Muscle twitching
17. Rash
18. Seizures
19. Rapid weight gain.

Always consult with your doctor before taking NoDoz.