Nicorette – Smoking Cessation – dosage, side effect, and warnings


Nicorette tablets

Nicorette (now on limited time sale here) was invented in 1978 by ABLeo a Swedish drug manufacturer. It is a smoking cessation aid coming in different variations such as gum, patches, and lozenges. It provides smokers with a smaller, sustained fix of nicotine throughout the day.

How Nicorette Works

Nicorette works by releasing nicotine through the saliva into the body, therefore alleviating the physical need to smoke. Nicotine boosts dopamine levels in the brain which leads to feelings of euphoria and confidence. However, as dopamine receptors become downregulated with time, smokers may find themselves needing an increasing amount of nicotine.

While Nicorette can be incredibly effective, some of the side effects that people suffer may be alarming.

These include:
– Hair loss
– Tooth decay
– Oral irritation
– Heartburn
– Nausea
– Indigestion
– Hiccups
– Increased blood pressure

Nicorette doesn’t require any prescription as it is an over the counter medication.
Do not take Nicorette gum if you are:

1. Pregnant
2. Under 18
3. Have temporomandibular joint disease
4. Have severe chest pain or angina
5. Are breast-feeding
6. Are a non-smoker
7. Have had a heart attack
8. Have high blood pressure
9. On insulin for diabetes
10. Have abnormal heart rhythm

Nicorette Warning Signs

Please see your doctor immediately if you develop symptoms that are synonymous with an allergic reaction such as hives, difficulty breathing or swelling of the throat and face.