Extenze – Male Enhancement – uses, dosage & side effects


extenze erectile dysfunction coupleMan suffering from erectile dysfunction and needing Extenze

Male enhancement is a serious issue for many men. To fill the need for products solving penis size issues, Biotab Nutraceuticals came up with Extenze (on limited time sale here), an all-natural pill that promises to increase penile length.

How Does Extenze Work?

This is an herbal male enhancement supplement which combines a slew of Eastern herbs working in synchrony to boost blood flow to the penis. The penis is made up of tissue as well as three chambers, which fill up with blood, resulting in an erection. More blood in one’s member may increase its length and turgidity as well as girth, leading to the appearance of a bigger, enlarged penis.

How to Take Extenze

Extenze takes time to work, so don’t expect overnight success. You should keep taking this supplement for at least 3 months to realize its full benefits. At the same time, take your Extenze medication with lots of water and eat well before taking your pill for the day. In addition, you should not take Extenze if you have heart problem on account of the fact that it promotes blood flow through the heart which may lead to heart palpitations.

Extenze has also demonstrated modest success when it comes to treating common erection dysfunction issues such as erectile dysfunction, stamina and difficulty reaching orgasm.

Here’s a list of Extenze’s active ingredients:
– Folic acid
– Ginseng
– Horny goat weed
– Yohimbe bark extract
– Tribulus terrestris extract
– Piper longum
– Zinc oxide
– Black pepper seed

Extenze Contraindications

Extenze has a number of herbal stimulants, so it’s contraindicated for people that have high blood pressure, those with mood disorders, individuals with liver disease, and people with kidney disease. Other side effects to watch out for include insomnia, worsening anxiety, skin flushing, dizziness and headaches. Please speak to your doctor before taking Extenze, especially if you’re taking medication for other conditions.